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Tenura at FIME 2017

tenura at fimeTenura is stoked to be exhibiting at FIME this year in Orlando from August 8-10th for the very first time! FIME (Florida International Medical Expo) is one of the largest medical trade shows across the states.

You can find Tenura’s booth at B.S26 where we will be exhibiting our large range of daily living aids, including, but not limited to, table mats, jar openers, cutlery grips, non slip fabric etc. As there are several stands at FIME, we look forward to exploring the latest services, products and technologies. This expo is a great way to establish new business networks and contacts and even reconnect with existing ones! We are excited to showcase our latest products to potential buyers, distributors and dealers from all over the globe.

We look forward to seeing you, as well as making new partnerships with the others who are showcasing, or even just attending! So come find us at booth B.S26, we’d love to meet you! 

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Tenura self adhesive non slip silicone reels are now available

Tenuras latest addition to the daily living aids range is self-adhesive non-slip silicone reels. This material is our faithful non-slip silicone with an added bonus of a strong self adhesive backing, allowing it to be applied to an area as an effective semi-permanent non-slip surface. This will not only provide excellent non-slip properties, but will not damage any items placed upon it.

The adhesive backing was an additional feature people have enquired about online, at meetings and exhibitions. Now we at Tenura are happy to make this available and supply an inexpensive, self-adhesive non-slip surface.

This material can be used in many domestic and industrial applications such as in tool boxes, workbenches, breakfast bars or side tables, both at home or desks in the office. It can also be applied to handheld objects to increase grip and comfort. Self-adhesive silicone reels decrease the risk of spills and prevent stains from objects resting on its surface. Thanks to the easy peel away backing, this material can be applied quickly and neatly, creating an aesthetically pleasing non-slip surface.

They are highly versatile. This is due to the ability of being able to cut pieces to specific sizes using scissors, making them ideal for when a non-slip surface is required.

The aforementioned cut-to-size versatility makes it perfect for areas where multiple or specific shape applications may be needed.

Like most of Tenura silicone non-slip and grip aids, Tenura self adhesive non-slip reels can be cleaned with a simple combination of hot water and soap, but will lose all non-slip properties whilst wet. Once dry the materials non-slip properties will return, so we recommend allowing the surface to dry properly before using it.

Tenura self-adhesive non-slip reels are 3.2ft x 7.8” giving you a large amount of material to work with for your money. They are 0.011” thick and available in blue.

Tenura self adhesive non-slip reels can be purchased directly through our website, along with the rest of Tenuras range of daily living aids. You can get free shipping on all Tenura products by spending over $40 or more!

Should you have any questions or queries about our self-adhesive non-slip reels or any other products Tenura produces, please contact the sales team via email or contact form. If you would like to speak to us directly, you can do so via the live chat feature or calling us by phone.

Grip Aids for Tools During Maintenance and Repair Work

Good Afternoon folks and a happy new year to you all!

With the coming of the new year, we thought about how our products are used and the possibilities of where we could expand them too. There are areas in working or personal life where a strong anti slip surface or grip is needed and this is something we have never discussed in detail before, so we thought this was a good opportunity to do so.

Grips Aids for Tools for General maintenance and Repair Work

There are tons of tasks in the workplace and home which require the use of spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers and many other tools to effectively tighten or loosen parts and a strong grip can often be required. These tasks can become pretty difficult for those with physical impairments, or when a particularly stiff bolt, nut or screw doesn’t want to budge. We think Tenura anti slip grip strips and rolls would work perfectly for these kinds of tasks. By using grip strips, or cutting strips from a roll and wrapping these around the handles of tools such as spanners, screwdrivers and pliers, you can dramatically increase the grip and comfort you have on them. This makes them much easier to twist, turn or lever to get tight or rusted nuts, bolts or screws loose and allow you to continue the maintenance of any machinery or appliance.

Stiff oil caps can also be a nightmare when trying to do routine maintenance on the car at home or in a garage. Without the use of a tool or protective layer, these can be hard to get off by hand. However, we thought about how this cap would fit nicely in our jar openers! By using Tenura jar openers on stiff caps and tops, you can effectively screw them open or closed without any pain or discomfort. Tenura jar openers are also very resistant to heat, allowing them to withstand temperatures of up to 482°F, making them ideal for use on warm or hot car parts.

Tenura Non Slip Fabric for Kneeling

Kneeling on hard surfaces, while not only extremely uncomfortable to the point of painful, could potentially cause long term damage on your knees. Tenura non slip fabric is an ideal way to prevent this. By doubling over this Tenura non slip fabric, it will provide a comfortable cushion for you to work on without the worry of potential long term damage to your knees. This material is not only comfortable but non slip, so it will not move when you do in most cases and will keep your tools in position until you need them. It also raises them from the floor and keeps them away from all but deep puddles of water, oil or any other liquids. This material is also perfect when lying on the floor during maintenance to increase comfort and help extend the time you can spend working in a horizontal position. Tenura non slip fabric in most cases is also easily washed, meaning it can be used again and again without the danger of contamination.

By using Tenuras range of daily living aids, you can make tasks in all areas of life much easier, and prevent potential damage and injury at the same time.

You can view and purchase Tenuras range of daily living aids directly through the website. Spend $40 on our website.

Christmas Closing Dates & Times

Christmas has come around to us once again! Time to sit down and relax for a while with good food and company!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and support this year, and hope it will continue into 2017 and beyond!

As with all holidays, Tenura will be closing down over Christmas and New Year, the dates are as follows:

December 26th: Closed
December 27th-30th: Open as normal
January 2nd: Closed
January 3rd: Business resumes as normal

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Tenura.

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Welcoming into our range, Children’s Utensil grips!

Utensil grips are a handy addition to day to day life by providing an enhanced surface area around knives, forks, pens, pencils, toothbrushes and many other items, making them easier for daily use. Utensil Grips are perfect for those who suffer from impairments to grip. By increasing the surface area on the utensil, you can decrease the amount of grip required, helping to decrease strain on muscles when trying to grip small objects. However, these products are sized for adult hands, which may prove difficult for children to use.

This presented us with a dilemma. How good is a daily living aid if it can’t cater to everybody’s needs? This brought us to the product we are mentioning for the first time, Tenura children’s Utensil grips!

Tenura children’s utensil grips, like their bigger counterpart, also provide an enhanced surface area allowing children with impairments to be able to use utensils easier without having to accommodate a large Utensil grip. Children’s Utensil grips are 98mm in size and weigh 45g per sheaf. This is a lot lighter than our adult versions. Utensil grips are made from a strong antimicrobial silicone, designed to be durable and prevent the harboring and spread of bacteria.

Utensil grips are easily applied and can be washed by hand or via dishwasher. These are perfect for big industries like charities or organisations who may have a large turnaround of people and don’t have time necessary to clean them all by hand.

Tenura Children’s Utensil Grips come in three vibrant colours options, red, blue and grey. Utensil grips can be purchased directly through our website and come in packs of two. By spending $40 on our website and we will ship your order free of charge. For further queries, please use the contact form or live chat on our site!


Slip and Fall Accidents – Everyone is at risk

Here at Tenura, we feel very much like evangelists of slip prevention. We have always seen the world as a hazardous place. It’s always inevitable that slip and fall accidents happen in slippery and dangerous areas if the correct precautions are not taken.

A good example of this was Dolphins Lineman Laremy Tunsil, who suffered and unfortunate slip and fall accident in the shower at the hotel the Dolphins were staying in before their game against the Titans. This injury to his ankle led Tunsil to miss the game after 4 solid starts.

This fall shows that it doesn’t matter what your physical stature, slips and falls are always around the corner, especially in places like wet rooms, bathrooms or showers. Many people see slips and falls as something which happens to those who are impaired, disabled or elderly. However, events like this really show how this can happen to anyone and can have serious effects on your life. We wish Laremy Tunsil a swift recovery.

Tenura believes a form of slip prevention should be in all baths, showers and wet rooms. Unfortunately, many of the current items for this, such as the common bath mats can create a trip hazard of their own and harbour bacteria easily if not cleaned often. Bath mats can also fold over or lift when moving your foot over them, creating a secondary trip hazard that is just as, if not more dangerous than the first.

Tenura Non slip bath and shower stickers are made from a non abrasive anti slip material called Aqua Safe. Aqua safe is an embossed PVC plastic which is completely waterproof and has very high grip levels, making it perfect for applying in areas where water will constantly sit. This materials non abrasive surface is extremely comfortable to walk and rest bare feet or soft fabrics on, preventing the damage or injury an abrasive solution could cause. Tenura non slip fabric and discs create a form of non slip surface without the need for a mat. These strips and discs can be applied directly to a dry bath, shower or wet room and be used instantly, without the danger of lift or creating a trip hazard.

Tenura aqua safe strips and discs can be found in white and transparent colors, allowing you to match and not disturb the aesthetics of bathrooms and showers whilst still offering effective slip protection.

To find out more about Tenura aqua safe anti slip bath and shower stickers, please visit the website, or alternatively contact us via phone, email or the contact us form.


(Picture found at: http://­ftw.­usatoday.­com/­2016/­04/­laremy-tunsil-gas-mask-bong-nfl-draft-miami-dolphins)

New Tenura Site Launch Promotion!

As you can see, our new site is now live! We have been working on this for the past few months to bring a much more simplified user experience to all of our site visitors which we hope will allow you to make better informed choices with our daily living aids.

With the increased use in smart phone and tablet use, we required a website that would be as easy to use on smart phone and tablet as it is on your desktop PC or laptop.

We do welcome feedback, especially from our users, so if anyone finds any problems with the site, then feel free to let you know and we may even give you a unique discount code to use on Tenura products for your trouble.

To celebrate the launch of our new website, we are offering a 10% discount code from now until September 12th to use to buy yourself some Tenura daily livings aids. 

Simply enter the code 'NEWSITE10' ( one use per registered customer ) during checkout to receive a 10% discount on your order. Free shipping is available on all orders over $40.

We hope you enjoy our new site!
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Tenura Anti slip Children's Mats Are On Sale!

frog and cat anti slip mats on table

Tenura anti slip children's mats are now on sale!

Tenura anti-microbial, anti-slip children's mats create a fun non slip surface which will help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. This product is perfect for use in day to day life and can liven up meal times. Tenura anti slip children's mats can be found in two fun designs, a green frog and an orange cat, these designs add a humorous element to dinner time and can help stimulate young children, helping them be more observant of their surroundings. Thanks to their anti-microbial properties, our mats will prevent harmful bacteria from harboring on the surface. Clean up is easy just a warm soapy water and let dry, the mat will be like new with all the nonslip properties restored!

 Not only are Tenura anti-slip children's mats anti-microbial, but they are also completely non-toxic. Unlike other non-slip mats, Tenura children's mats are made with soft PVC alternatives, meaning they are Phthalate free and will not give off dangerous fumes if heated up. This is thanks to their strong construction where health and safety was put before cost savings.

Make sure to make the most of this offer and get a couple of safe and fun non slip surfaces which will prove an asset in day to day life. Tenura anti slip children's mats can be purchased directly from the website, head over to the Tenura anti-microbial, anti-slip children's mats page to save 52% on all purchases of these mats!

Tenura Grip Rolls

Have you ever been in a situation were having a bit more grip would make something so much more easier?

We supply Tenura grip rolls for that reason, allowing you to create a custom grip strip, or sheet, for your needs.

Tenura grip rolls are made from 100% silicone, with no filler, meaning it is completely non toxic, washable and heat resistant up to 482°F.

The silicone has an adhesive affect, meaning it will stick to anything it is applied to, and upon removal will leave no residue. This is particularly important when applying it flat to a surface to prevent slips, or wrapping it around objects to increase grip with no risk of the material coming away reducing the effectiveness of your added grip enhancement.

The rolls can be cut to size for your preffered use.

Grip Roll Applications

Tenura grip rolls can be used in a variety of applications. Below we have listed and detailed a few day to day uses.


Doors are opened by either a handle or a knob. The former can sometimes have right angle edges that make them very uncomfortable to use, and the latter do not have a large enough surface to aquire a good grip. By wrapping Tenura grip strips around either of those, you can increase comfort and grip, as well as prevent the cold travelling to your hands in the winter months.

Draw Liners

tenura grip roll as draw linerTenura grip rolls make excellent non slip draw liners. Applying Tenura grip rolls to the base of a drawer, you can prevent cutlery trays and other items from sliding about when opening and closing draws, reducing the amount of wear and tear on them.


Footplates on wheelchairs are sometimes made from plastics with low energy surface levels, many without a textured surface. This can result in a lack of a decent foothold when sat on the wheelchair. By cutting and applying Tenura grip roll to the footplates, you can increase grip and prevent slips.


tenura grip roll on crutchWhether temporary or permanent use of a crutch or crutches required, prolonged daily use of them can have detrimental effects on hands, as the handles are usually not very comfortable. Constant rubbing can cause blisters, and lack of cushioning can cause arm fatigue. Cutting Tenura grip rolls to size and wrapping it around the handles, not only can you add more grip, but you can increase the comfort levels by giving the handle more cushioning.

Pan Handles

tenura grip roll on pan handleWith Tenura silicones excellent heat resistance properties, by wrapping Tenura grip roll around pan handles, not only can you protect yourself from burns, but you can also make handling pans much more comfortable. A pan handle that has increased grip and heat resistance makes handling pans when preparing food not only much safer and easier, but much more enjoyable too.

If you are interested in Tenura grip rolls, head on over to the website. All Tenura grip rolls are available with 20% off for the next 2 months.

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How to Use Tenura Silicone Cup Holders

Tenura silicone antimicrobial moulded cup holders fit onto the bottom of a cup or mug with ease, creating a portable non slip surface, helping to prevent spills and stains in day to day life. Tenura cup holders are best used with cups and mugs, as they have been designed to fit around the handle, however, they can be used on virtually any container that will fit into the in-built seat. This can make hot beverages much easier to move around without the chance of spills and stains that could lead to injury via a burn or as a slip hazard. This product can be applied to cups and mugs easily.

By lining up the slit for the handle, with the handle, you can ensure the cup holder is the correct way round. A small amount of pressure on the bottom of the cup holder will allow it to conform to the base of the cup, and be ready for use. Tenura cup holders can be removed just as easily, apply a downwards force to the cup holder while hold the cup or mug, and it will pop off with ease.

Tenura cup holders have strong antimicrobial properties, meaning they will harbor no bacteria or dirt. A combination of hot water and soap is more than enough to keep this material clean and hygienic, ready for its next use. Cup holders are also made from 100% silicone and non-toxic, meaning no phthalates are present in our materials, keeping you and your family safe from the damage these chemicals can cause.

Tenura Cup caps go very well with cup holders! This product creates a seal on the top of the material, preventing spills and stains. 

Tenura cup holders are available in red, blue and yellow while cup caps can be found in packs of one 80mm and one 60mm cup cap. By combining these two products, you can minimize the chances of spills and stains while still being able to enjoy hot or cold drinks in the house or on the go! Tenura cup holders and the rest of the Tenura range can all be found on our website.

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