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  • T-FLOOR-60-1+2+3-Floor-Mats-Packaging-Studio
  • T-FLOOR-60-1-Red-Floor-Mat-Walking-Stick
  • T-FLOOR-60-1-Red-Floor-Mat-Wheelchair
Part number: T/FLOOR-60
  • Aids standing and sitting
  • Helps wheelchair users
  • Easier to move on and off beds
  • Awesome beneath rugs on smooth and slippery surfaces
  • Available in three colors
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow

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Tenura rectangular silicone anti-slip floor mats are made from a durable, non-toxic, 100% silicone construction, and it can adhere to a surface, yet upon removal, will leave no residue whatsoever. Comes in a size of 23.6" x 17.7".

The material is hand-washable as well as dishwasher safe too, so the mat can be used for absolutely anything. The silicone we use to manufacture the products can withstand temperatures up to +482°F. Our Daily living aid range is manufactured from 100% silicone rubber. This means Tenura floor mats are non-toxic. They also have antimicrobial properties which means they are safe in your kitchen as well as for the elderly, disabled and children. Which means the silicone non-slip floor mats prevent fungi and bacteria from harbouring. The anti-slip floor mats are also dishwasher safe as our silicone products can withstand temperatures up to +482°F. 

This product is available for our B2B services

Colors Available

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow


  • Standing and sitting
  • Wheelchair users
  • Moving on and off beds
  • Beneath rugs on smooth and slippery surfaces
  • Due to it being non-toxic, it can be used as a playmat for children



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