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Anti Slip Table Mat

Tenura Silicone Anti Slip Table Mat


  • TC-MAT-35-1-Red-Table-Mat-Chopping-Board-2
  • TC-MAT-35-2-Blue-Table-Mat-Chopping-Board-1
  • TC-MAT-35-2-Blue-Table-Mat-Dinning-Table-1
  • TC-MAT-35-3-Yellow-Table-Mat-Chopping-Board-2
  • TC-MAT-45-1-Red-Table-Mat-Chopping-Board
  • TC-MAT-45-1-Red-Table-Mat-Coffee-Tray-Studio-1
  • TC-MAT-45-3-Yellow-Table-Mat-Kitchen-5
  • TC-MAT-45-1-Red-Table-Mat-Kitchen-2
Part number: TC/MAT
  • Prevents plates, bowls and crockery from sliding on tables, counters and trays
  • Holds chopping boards, kitchen appliances and mixing bowls in place
  • Can be used in other parts of the house, suitable for holding many items in place
  • Available in 3 colors: Red, blue or yellow
  • Available in 3 sizes
    • 10 inches x 7 inches
    • 13 3/4 inches x 10 inches
    • 17 3/4 inches x 15 inches

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Tenura anti-slip silicone rectangular table mats are available in 3 sizes and colors. Their construction gives them excellent anti-slip and grip properties and will adhere themselves to a surface, leaving no residue when removed.

The silicone they are made from makes them non-toxic and washable.

Our daily living aid range is manufactured from 100% silicone rubber. This means the table mats are non-toxic. They also have antimicrobial properties which means they are safe in your kitchen as well as for the elderly, disabled and children. Which means the silicone table mats prevent fungi and bacteria from harbouring. The anti-slip table mats are also dishwasher safe as our silicone products can withstand temperatures up to +482°F. 

Tenura table mat range means the non-slip silicone can be suitable for any environment to provide a firm grip and hold for objects such as phones, chopping boards, dishes and tools - particularly in vehicles and surrounding subject to motion and/or tipping. 

Colors Available:

  • Red, Blue and Yellow

Sizes Available:

  • 10 inches x 7 inches (25.4cm x 17.8cm) - Commonly used with drinks and phone to keep them in held securely when in motion i.e. a vehicle
  • 13 3/4 inches x 10 inches (34.9cm x 25.4cm) - Makes an awesome table mat that is easy to wipe down after meals
  • 17 3/4 inches x 15 inches (45.1cm x 38.1cm) - Great for keeping your chopping board stable due to the anti-slip properties of our mats


  • Prevents plates, bowls and crockery from sliding on tables, counters and trays
  • Holds chopping boards in position
  • Holds kitchen appliances and mixing bowls in place
  • Holds objects firm on surfaces that are not horizontal and/or are subject to motion or tipping



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