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Part number: T/CC-1
  • Pack of 2
  • Effortlessly fit over mugs, cups, glasses and soda cans
  • Prevent spills and stains
  • Pre-cut eyelet for straw insertion
  • Washable by hand or dishwasher

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Tenura silicone anti-slip CupCaps are self-sealing cup caps which will stretch to fit over a cup, mug, glass or can.

By inserting a straw through the purpose-made seal, it will allow liquid out, while keeping the container virtually spill-proof.

Tenura Silicone non-slip CupCaps are anti-microbial, meaning they will not let bacteria grow on the surface, and they can be washed very easily, with little to no decay of the product, making it perfect to be used over and over.

CupCaps are perfect for use with small children, or those with an unsteady or weak grip.

Tenura CupCaps help with protecting furniture, carpets and other fabrics from nasty stains.

Tenura Silicone non-slip CupCaps can also be used to keep drinks fresh for longer, making them perfect for use in a fridge or cooler.

CupCaps come in packs of two, one measuring 3.1" in diameter and the other 2.3" in diameter.

A self-sealing CupCap that will stretch to fit over the tops of cups, glasses and beakers and allow a straw to enter for drinking. Tenura CupCaps prevents spills even when the cup or glass is knocked over, protecting surfaces and furnishings. The CupCap can also be useful to cover drinks when they are left for an appreciable time, keeping dust and other contaminants out and helping to maintain temperature for a short time.

In domestic circumstances, the CupCap is particularly useful to prevent spills amongst young children or people with unsteady movements and grip. In clinical circumstances, the CupCap can help to preserve the freshness of drinks and prevent accidents where they may be left on trays or side tables for an appreciable length of time.

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  • Glasses
  • Mugs
  • Prevent spills
  • Keep drinks fresher for longer
  • Use as storage caps (short duration only)



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