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Tenura Extreme Grip Mats

Tenura Extreme Super Grip Adhesive Mats


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  • Heat resistant up to 176°F.
  • Extreme material that sticks down, and holds items, but leaves no residues.
  • Available in clear and translucent green.


Tenura Extreme Grip Mats are a one of a kind creation in the disability aids market. Their super tacky surface will hold items fast, so are great for use on areas that are prone to movement.

Tenura Extreme mats high-tack levels will eventually attract dirt, but have no fear! Tenura Extreme is an easily washable material, that is also non toxic, so can be washed with the dishes. Extreme mats come in a size of 7.8"x7.8".


  • Once applied to a surface, it will hold until you decide to remove it, which can either be done by gently pulling from the edge, or use a little water, and the material will leave no residue.
  • Getting the mat wet removes the materials anti slip and grip properties, but once dry, they are restored.
  • Great for using in RV’s, motorhomes, caravans, and on scooters and around them home.
  • Heat resistant up to 176°F

Colors Available:

  • Clear
  • Green




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