Tenura | Anti Slip and Grip for Independent Living


Tenura Cutlery Grips

This video show how to apply and remove cutlery grips effectively from everyday objects like cutlery.

How to Use A Tenura Cup Holder

This video shows you how to maximize use with Tenura moulded cup holders.


How to Use Tenura CupCaps

Tenura CupCaps are easy to use with a few tips from Tenura.


How to Apply Tenura Extreme Grip Mats

Tenura Extreme Grip Mats are a tacky surface that prevents movement from objects placed upon them. See how to use them here.


How to use Tenura Bottle Openers

Tenura bottle openers are a super convenient way of opening bottles with ease and comfort. View how to use them effectively here.

How to Apply Tenura Anti Slip Grip Strips

Tenura anti slip grip strips are a versatile method of enhancing grip to most surfaces. view how to use Tenura anti slip grip strips here.