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T-KITCHEN-PACK-Out of Packaging-Coaster+Bottle-Opener+Jar Opener-All in Use-Studio-1

  • T-KITCHEN-PACK-Out of Packaging-Coaster+Bottle-Opener+Jar Opener-All in Use-Studio-1
  • T-KITCHEN-PACK-Out of Packaging-Coaster+Bottle-Opener+Jar Opener-Eggs-Studio-1
  • T-KITCHEN-PACK-Out of Packaging-Coaster+Bottle-Opener+Jar Opener-Pill Bottle-Studio-1
  • T-KITCHEN-PACK-Out of Packaging-Coaster+Bottle-Opener+Jar Opener-Studio-1
  • T-KITCHEN-PACK-Packaging-Coaster+Bottle-Opener+Jar Opener-Studio-1
Part number: T/KITCHENPACK
  • Cost-effective, Tenura starter pack
  • A kit to help/aid around the home
  • 100% silicone, non-toxic and chemically inert
  • Washable by hand or dishwasher
  • Contains 3 silicone living aids, bottle opener, jar opener and non-slip coaster

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Tenura Kitchen Packs bring together three of Tenura's non-slip grip and anti-slip items to create a combination which will help with tasks in the kitchen. Kitchen Packs are comprised of one bottle opener, one jar opener and an anti-slip circular mats. This trinity of products creates an efficient system to aid with preventing spills and stains whilst also relieving joint and muscle pain small tasks can create.This pack is perfect for retailors.

Tenura jar openers fit neatly around jar and container lids much easier to twist and remove. This material will form a strong non slip grip with the lid, making it come off much easier than before. This will also decrease the amount of effort you will have to exert to get the lid off, saving you from potential pain or injury. This product is ideal for those who suffer from diseases like arthritis, as it will make small tasks easier and make items much easier to grip and hold!

Tenura anti-slip coasters offer a strong anti-slip grip on any flat surface, creating a strong non slip surface, perfect for resting cups, cans, bottles, mixing bowls or chopping boards on. This material will help to prevent any unwanted movement that could lead to spills and stains or injury when using knives and other sharp utensils. By combining a non-slip coaster and Tenura bottle and jar openers, you can create a perfect non-slip combination, which will aid in many tasks in day to day life.

Tenura bottle openers offer a similar non-slip grip as jar openers, but they are designed to fit around smaller items such as taps, bottle tops and medicine containers. This product is designed to allow a strong level of grip on small objects, making them easier to twist or open. Like all the products in the kitchen packs, Tenura bottle openers are non-toxic and phthalate free, meaning they can be used in almost every situation.

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This pack contains

  • Non-slip bottle opener 2.3" diameter
  • Non-slip jar opener 4.7" diameter
  • Non-slip coaster 7.4" diameter, 0.05" material thickness


  • Removing jar and container lids and tops
  • Removing bottle tops and caps
  • Holding bowls, plates or food containers
  • Perfect for use during food preparation



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