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Helpful Resources Recommended by Tenura

Here you will find a wealth of companies, organizations and charities dedicated to helping the elderly, disabled and people with mobility and disability issues.

Coronavirus Resources

Currently, we are all trying to navigate the Coronavirus pandemic and for those who require additional help during this time may find the below resources helpful.

USA Government - Information from the official American government is important and therefore first on our list and one to read.

National Council on Aging - They are dedicated to providing information to those of an older generation, the article has ways you can stay independent and meet your basic needs during self-isolation.

Ameriso­ur­ce­Bergen - The largest healthcare provider in America keeps us all up-to-date on the guidelines we should be following to stay safe and well during the Coronavirus pandemic.

General Resources

Below are some great resources in general regarding the elderly, disabled and people with mobility and disability issues.

Social Security Administration - If you would like to understand the two benefit federal schemes in America which help provide income support for those households where a resident has a disability. There is some great information available.

Institute of Aging - Understand the landscape of household in American from those who live with persons with disabilities, the elderly or who have a chronic illness.

News & Social Media Resources

Explore more about disabilities and the elderly by reading and communicating through the below Tenura recommended resources.

The Mighty - A social community, and accepting online presence especially created for those who have a health problem or are a caregiver.

Ability Magazine - Covering information on disabilities through articles, editorials and stories. An excellent magazine published bi-monthly.

Travel Resources

Travel is fun however can be unnecessarily stressful if the attraction isn't accessible. By using one of the below resources you should find some excellent places to travel that are also accessible to all. 

Disabled Sports USA - If you are a thrill-seeker and looking for your next adventure, your disability is not going to hold you back and this company try to provide just that.

Flying Wheels Travel - A travel agency which comes highly recommended by those who have disabilities.

Mobility International USA  It focuses on international exchange and travel programs which involve growing the community of disabled travels and making sure they have a safe trip that is convenient, accessible and fun.

If you are a company or charity who works with or for the elderly or people with disabilities and would like a link on this page, please email us.