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How to Use Tenura Silicone Cup Holders

Tenura silicone antimicrobial moulded cup holders fit onto the bottom of a cup or mug with ease, creating a portable non slip surface, helping to prevent spills and stains in day to day life. Tenura cup holders are best used with cups and mugs, as they have been designed to fit around the handle, however, they can be used on virtually any container that will fit into the in-built seat. This can make hot beverages much easier to move around without the chance of spills and stains that could lead to injury via a burn or as a slip hazard. This product can be applied to cups and mugs easily.

By lining up the slit for the handle, with the handle, you can ensure the cup holder is the correct way round. A small amount of pressure on the bottom of the cup holder will allow it to conform to the base of the cup, and be ready for use. Tenura cup holders can be removed just as easily, apply a downwards force to the cup holder while hold the cup or mug, and it will pop off with ease.

Tenura cup holders have strong antimicrobial properties, meaning they will harbor no bacteria or dirt. A combination of hot water and soap is more than enough to keep this material clean and hygienic, ready for its next use. Cup holders are also made from 100% silicone and non-toxic, meaning no phthalates are present in our materials, keeping you and your family safe from the damage these chemicals can cause.

Tenura Cup caps go very well with cup holders! This product creates a seal on the top of the material, preventing spills and stains. 

Tenura cup holders are available in red, blue and yellow while cup caps can be found in packs of one 80mm and one 60mm cup cap. By combining these two products, you can minimize the chances of spills and stains while still being able to enjoy hot or cold drinks in the house or on the go! Tenura cup holders and the rest of the Tenura range can all be found on our website.

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