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How To Use Tenura Cutlery Grips

Tenura cutlery grips create an enlarged surface area around objects which would otherwise be small and hard to pick up and use. The silicone handle allows objects to be placed inside two slits in the middle of the material, allowing the products to sit around the utensils neatly. The large surface area this product provides helps ease pressure and strain on joints and muscles, allowing day to day tasks to be performed much easier without discomfort or pain.

Dining and Food Preparation

Food preparation can be hard for those who suffer from hand impairments. Grip can be massively affected leaving you struggling to use basic utensils and finding it hard to prepare a basic meal. By applying Tenura cutlery grips, you can increase the surface area of the object and make it easier to grip and hold. This makes jobs such as cutting and mashing food easier and less painful. Cutlery grips can be cleaned simply with hot, soapy water.­ This will allow you to keep a strong standard of hygiene and prevent bacteria from conta­minating anything which comes into contact with it. After food has been prepared, comes the most important part of the meal, eating. However, this can be more work than the preparation, especially for those who suffer from arthritis and other condi­tions. Items like knives and forks can be very difficult to hold and use effectively. This can make meal times take much longer than it would normally or be a very painful process, all of this effort to simply feed yourself can be very tiresome, and make meal times a burden. By using Tenura cutlery grips, you can make utensils like knives and forks much easier to hold and use,­ while re-leaving stress and strain on joints and muscles by grasping a bigger, more comfortable surface area.

Pens & Pencils

Pens and pencils are often used in day to day life. Writing is an essential skill that is needed almost all the time. Unfortunately for those who suffer from arthritis and similar diseases, writing can be a painful and strenuous experience, and is sometimes not worth the effort.

Cutlery grips create a much bigger surface area that is more natural to hold and comfortable to grip. This can make writing easier and will lessen the strain on joints and muscles which could cause discomfort to the person writing.

Tooth Brushes

As we were taught as kids, brushing your teeth is a vital part of day to day life. Without clean teeth, nasty cavities and holes will start to form. This can lead to painful toothache or expensive surgery to get it corrected. However, using a toothbrush requires a precise amount of pressure and movement when in the mouth, without this control, you could start to smack your teeth and gums which could cause you to bleed or damage your mouth, or it will be so painful for you to operate the toothbrush you may not be able to do a thorough job and clean your teeth fully. Those who suffer from ailments like arthritis and Parkinson's can struggle to do this. The need to grip a small object create can create great discomfort in their joints. Cutlery grips allow you to create a much larger surface area which will make a toothbrush easier to hold and use. By creating a bigger surface area, it lessens the strain on joints which will decrease the amount of pain the user will suffer.

Cutlery grips are a great aid to day to day life and allow tasks which need you to grip and use small items much easier and less painful. Take a look at our newest video: How to apply and remove cutlery grips!

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