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Tenura Anti-Slip Aqua Safe Bath and Shower Stickers Manufacturer

Part number: T/Aqua
Non-abrasive, aqua safe, anti-slip stickers for your bath tub or shower.
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Tenura Anti-Slip Silicone Square Coaster Supplier (Pack of 4)

Part number: TC/9
Tenura square anti slip coasters create an anti slip surface for cups, cans and more. Sold in a pack of 4, perfect for use at the dinner table or out on vacation. Buy Tenura square anti-slip coasters online.

Tenura Silicone Anti Slip Table Mat Manufacturer

Part number: TC/MAT
Tenura anti slip mats increase grip or anti slip qualities on whatever surface they are applied to. View and buy Tenura anti slip mats online.

Tenura Non-Slip Fabric Manufacturer

Part number: T/NET
Tenura non-slip fabric is a great way of adding an anti-slip, cushioned surface in many areas. Buy Tenura non slip fabric online.

Tenura Anti-Slip Utensil Grips Supplier

Part number: T/CG-1
Tenura anti-slip utensil grips can be applied to cutlery and hand implements, increasing the grip surface and comfort for the user. Tenura cutlery grips are available in a pack of 2.

Tenura Silicone Bottle Opener Supplier

Part number: T/B
Silicone rubber bottle openers help to increase grip and comfort when opening containers. View Tenura bottle openers online.

Tenura CupCaps Manufacturer

Part number: T/CC-1
Tenura silicone anti-slip CupCaps offer a great protection from stained furniture, carpets and clothes, by making cups, mugs, glasses and cans virtually spill proof.

Tenura Children's Utensil Grips Supplier (Pack of 2)

Part number: T/PCG
Silicone utensil grips designed specifically for small hands. Increase grip and comfort with Tenura children's utensil grips.

Tenura Silicone Jar Opener Manufacturer

Part number: T/J
Tenura silicone jar openers help to increase grip and comfort when opening jars and large containers. View and buy Tenura jar openers online.
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Tenura Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Rolls and Strips Supplier

Part number: T/R
Pre-cut silicone strips or cut to size anti-slip silicone grip roll provides anti-slip or grip-enhancing properties to any flat dry surface.

Tenura Anti-Slip & Anti-Microbial Children's Table Mat Supplier

Part number: T/C or T/F
Tenura anti-slip & antimicrobial children's mats provide an anti slip surface that also protects against germs for children. Buy Tenura children's anti slip mats online.
Rating: 4.2 of 5

Tenura Silicone Anti-Microbial Moulded Cup Holder

Part number: T/CH
Anti-slip silicone anti-microbial moulded cup holder so you have a non-slip coaster with you wherever you go. Buy Tenura moulded anti-slip cup holders online.