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Tenura Children's Utensil Grips Supplier

Tenura Children's Utensil Grips Supplier (Pack of 2)


  • T-PCG-B-Blue-Childrens-Cutlery-Grip-Fork+Spoon-Studio-1
  • T-PCG-B-Blue-Childrens-Cutlery-Grip-Knife-Studio-1
  • T-PCG-B-Blue-Childrens-Cutlery-Grip-Spoon-Child-Studio-1
  • T-PCG-Childrens-Cutlery-Grips-Comparison-Studio-2
  • T-PCG-G-Grey-Childrens-Cutlery-Grip-Fork-Studio-2
  • T-PCG-R-Red-Childrens-Cutlery-Grip-Spoon-Studio-2
Part number: T/PCG
  • Designed specifically for small hands
  • Ensures great grip and comfort
  • Easy to use with a multitude of utensils
  • 100% silicone construction
  • Washable by hand or machine
  • Available in red, blue and grey

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A set of two ergonomic cutlery grips designed specifically for small hands. 
The same design as our Tenura cutlery grip, at 3.85" in length they are small enough to increase grip and comfort for children when using various utensils, such as silverware, pens, paintbrushes, toothbrushes and much more. At only 0.1lbs each, they are light enough to prevent any additional strain for the user.
Their simple insert makes changing utensils very easy. Tenura children's utensil holders are also antimicrobial and washable, ensuring great hygiene can be kept.
Tenura children's utensil grips are sold in packs of 2 and are available in 3 colors. red, blue and grey.
This product is available for our B2B services


  • Children's dining utensils and cutlery
  • Pens and pencils
  • Children's toothbrushes
  • Paintbrushes


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